Nitric acid

TraceSELECT™ Ultra, for ultratrace analysis, 67-69%

TraceSELECT™ Ultra and TraceSELECT

  • ultra-pure acids, bases, and salts for smelting and wet digestion in environmental, water, and food analysis
  • sample preparation for trace analysis requires reagents of the highest purity; our TraceSELECT Ultra products for ultra-trace analysis at ppb and even ppt levels are produced by sub-boiling distillation
  • the acids, bases, and salts in the TraceSELECT series have been developed for sample preparation and analysis in the ppb (μg/kg) trace range
  • packaged in high-quality containers appropriate for each product
  • the reagents are produced and bottled under clean-room conditions



CAS Numbers (All) Linear Formula
MDL Number
Molar Mass
63,01 g/mol



    Strontium (Sr)max. 0.01 ppb
    Germanium (Ge)max. 0.01 ppb
    Bismuth (Bi)max. 0.01 ppb
    Silver (Ag)max. 0.01 ppb
    Tantalum (Ta)max. 0.05 ppb
    Vanadium (V)max. 0.01 ppb
    Chromium (Cr)max. 0.05 ppb
    Lead (Pb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Assay64.5 - 70 %
    Molybdenum (Mo)max. 0.01 ppb
    Dysprosium (Dy)max. 0.01 ppb
    Zinc (Zn)max. 0.05 ppb
    Erbium (Er)max. 0.01 ppb
    Gallium (Ga)max. 0.01 ppb
    Sodium (Na)max. 0.1 ppb
    Beryllium (Be)max. 0.01 ppb
    Gadolinium (Gd)max. 0.01 ppb
    Tin (Sn)max. 0.02 ppb
    Thallium (Tl)max. 0.01 ppb
    Iron (Fe)max. 0.1 ppb
    Rhodium (Rh)max. 0.01 ppb
    Uran (U)max. 0.01 ppb
    Copper (Cu)max. 0.02 ppb
    Rhenium (Re)max. 0.01 ppb
    Rubidium (Rb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Indium (In)max. 0.01 ppb
    Thorium (Th)max. 0.01 ppb
    Tungsten (W)max. 0.01 ppb
    Niobium (nb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Platinum (Pt)max. 0.02 ppb
    Aluminium (Al)max. 0.05 ppb
    Holmium (Ho)max. 0.01 ppb
    Palladium (Pd)max. 0.05 ppb
    Arsenic (As)max. 0.1 ppb
    Cesium (Cs)max. 0.01 ppb
    Zirconium (Zr)max. 0.01 ppb
    Barium (Ba)max. 0.01 ppb
    Cadmium (Cd)max. 0.01 ppb
    Lutetium (Lu)max. 0.01 ppb
    Titanium (Ti)max. 0.01 ppb
    Magnesium (Mg)max. 0.05 ppb
    Nickel (Ni)max. 0.05 ppb
    Ytterbium (Yb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Cerium (Ce)max. 0.01 ppb
    Cobalt (Co)max. 0.01 ppb
    Lithium (Li)max. 0.01 ppb
    Tellurium (Te)max. 0.01 ppb
    Potassium (K)max. 0.1 ppb
    Praseodymium (Pr)max. 0.01 ppb
    Antimony (Sb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Samarium (Sm)max. 0.01 ppb
    Terbium (Tb)max. 0.01 ppb
    Neodymium (nd)max. 0.01 ppb
    Manganese (Mn)max. 0.01 ppb
    Gold (Au)max. 0.02 ppb
    Yttrium (Y)max. 0.01 ppb
    Calcium (Ca)max. 0.1 ppb
    Europium (Eu)max. 0.01 ppb
    Mercury (Hg)max. 0.5 ppb
    Scandium (Sc)max. 0.05 ppb
    Lanthanum (La)max. 0.01 ppb
    Hafnium (Hf)max. 0.01 ppb
    Selenium (Se)max. 0.1 ppb


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    Safety Information

    Hazard Class8
    Package GroupII
    UN IDUN2031
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