Nitric acid

TraceSELECT™ Ultra, for ultratrace analysis, 67-69%
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TraceSELECT™ Ultra and TraceSELECT

  • ultra-pure acids, bases, and salts for smelting and wet digestion in environmental, water, and food analysis
  • sample preparation for trace analysis requires reagents of the highest purity; our TraceSELECT Ultra products for ultra-trace analysis at ppb and even ppt levels are produced by sub-boiling distillation
  • the acids, bases, and salts in the TraceSELECT series have been developed for sample preparation and analysis in the ppb (μg/kg) trace range
  • packaged in high-quality containers appropriate for each product
  • the reagents are produced and bottled under clean-room conditions



CAS Numbers (All) EC Number Linear Formula
MDL Number
Molar Mass
63.01 g/mol



assay (HPLC)Min. 99.0 %
melting point73 - 75 °C
loss on dryingMax. 0.5 %
colour of the solutioncomplying
turbidity of solutioncomplying
residue on ignition (as SO4)Max. 0.1 %
identity (NMR)complying
application testcomplying
calcium (Ca)Max. 30 ppm
cadmium (Cd)Max. 5 ppm
cobalt (Co)Max. 5 ppm
chromium (Cr)Max. 5 ppm
copper (Cu)Max. 5 ppm
iron (Fe)Max. 10 ppm
potassium (K)Max. 50 ppm
magnesium (Mg)Max. 5 ppm
manganese (Mn)Max. 5 ppm
sodium (Na)Max. 50 ppm
nickel (Ni)Max. 5 ppm
lead (Pb)Max. 5 ppm
zinc (Zn)Max. 5 ppm
germanium (Ge)Max. 10 ppt
total S (as SO4)Max. 50 ppm
chloride (Cl)Max. 50 ppm
holmium (Ho)Max. 10 ppt
indium (In)Max. 10 ppt
potassium (K)Max. 100 ppt
lanthanum (La)Max. 10 ppt
lithium (Li)Max. 10 ppt
lutetium (Lu)Max. 10 ppt
magnesium (Mg)Max. 50 ppt
manganese (Mn)Max. 10 ppt
molybdenum (Mo)Max. 10 ppt
sodium (Na)Max. 100 ppt
niobium (nb)Max. 10 ppt
neodymium (nd)Max. 10 ppt
nickel (Ni)Max. 50 ppt
lead (Pb)Max. 10 ppt
palladium (Pd)Max. 50 ppt
praseodymium (Pr)Max. 10 ppt
platinum (Pt)Max. 20 ppt
rubidium (Rb)Max. 10 ppt
rhenium (Re)Max. 10 ppt
rhodium (Rh)Max. 10 ppt
antimony (Sb)Max. 10 ppt
scandium (Sc)Max. 50 ppt
selenium (Se)Max. 100 ppt
samarium (Sm)Max. 10 ppt
tin (Sn)Max. 20 ppt
strontium (Sr)Max. 10 ppt
terbium (Tb)Max. 10 ppt
tellurium (Te)Max. 10 ppt
thorium (Th)Max. 10 ppt
tantalum (Ta)Max. 50 ppt
titanium (Ti)Max. 10 ppt
thallium (Tl)Max. 10 ppt
uran (U)Max. 10 ppt
vanadium (V)Max. 10 ppt
tungsten (W)Max. 10 ppt
yttrium (Y)Max. 10 ppt
ytterbium (Yb)Max. 10 ppt
zinc (Zn)Max. 50 ppt
zirconium (Zr)Max. 10 ppt


Boiling Point/Range122 °C (1.013 hPa)
ColorLight Yellow
CorrosivityCorrosive to metals
Density1.420 g/cm3 (20 °C)
FlashpointNot applicable
GradeTrace Analysis
Incompatible MaterialsBases, Metals, Flammable materials, Organic materials
Lower Explosion LimitNot applicable
Melting Point/Range-38 °C
Partition CoefficientNo data available
Purity Percentage67.00
Purity Details67.00-69.00%
Solubility in WaterCompletely miscible
Upper Explosion LimitNot applicable
Vapor Pressure9 hPa (20 °C)
ViscosityNo data available
Product LineTraceSELECT™ Ultra
Storage TemperatureAmbient

Safety Information

Hazard Class8
Package GroupII
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