Dear Customer,

At Honeywell, we understand the importance of service and strive to improve our performance to exceed our customers’ expectations.

One of the challenges we currently face is a high number of orders with missing or inaccurate information. This results in longer processing times, incorrect purchase order processing, risk of disputes and late payments.

To overcome processing inaccuracies, as well as improve our processing cycle time and service for our customers, we will be implementing the Customer PO Acceptance Criteria. As a part of that criteria, all the details below should be complete and accurate.  

All Customer POs must be in electronic format in clear text:

Accepted formats are PDF, Word, Excel, body of an email, etc.

Not accepted formats: scans, image-like files, handwritten POs 

List of Critical Data Elements will include, but is not restricted to: 

If one or more of the Critical Data Elements is not present on the Customer PO, or the document is handwritten, the order will not be processed in the SAP system.

The appropriate Customer Contact will reach out to obtain the correct information / revised PO before the order can be accepted, given that all the future Orders will respect Acceptance Criteria.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact your Sales Representative.  

Kind Regards

*This is not a limited list, specific businesses/regions can document additional mandatory fields as required