• Bioanalysis
    Applications involving the analysis of biological materials. Includes biochromatography, electrophoresis, and, media for microbiology.
  • Biosynthesis
    Reagents used in oligonucleotide synthesis, as well as other biological synthesis.
  • Certified Reference Materials
    Certified Reference Materials
    Research Chemicals/Applications/Certified Reference Materials
  • Chemical Synthesis
    Chemical Synthesis
    Chemicals involved in chemical synthesis.
  • Chromatography
    Products designed to support the separation of a mixture.
  • Electrophoresis
    Process in which substances are separated by application of an electric field, causing different substances to travel at different rates through the media depending on size, charge, or bonding affinity.
  • Karl Fischer Titration
    Karl Fischer Titration
    Titration method that uses coulometry or volumetry to determine trace amounts of water in a sample.
  • Labware
    Lab equipment and supplies for science laboratories, including safety equipment, solvent labware, and well plates.
  • Octane Determination
    Octane Determination
    Iso-octane, n-heptane, toluene, or 80 octane blends used in a test engine to determine the octane rating of gasoline.
  • Reference Materials
    Reference Materials
    Controls used to validate measurements and calibrate assays.
  • Spectroscopy
    Chemicals involved in the measurement of spectra.
  • Titration
    Products that determine the concentration of an analyte through the measured addition of a standard solution of known concentration.
  • Trace Analysis
    Trace Analysis
    Products which detect and measure trace amounts of specific material in a substrate.
  • Wet Chemistry
    Wet Chemistry
    Chemicals that are used across the laboratory in multi-use situations. Chemicals in this category may be used in specialized situations but are not otherwise specialized.
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