• Bioanalysis
    Applications involving the analysis of biological materials. Includes biochromatography, electrophoresis, and, media for microbiology.
  • Biosynthesis
    Reagents used in oligonucleotide synthesis, as well as other biological synthesis.
  • Certified Reference Materials
    Certified Reference Materials
    Research Chemicals/Applications/Certified Reference Materials
  • Chemical Synthesis
    Chemical Synthesis
    Chemicals involved in chemical synthesis.
  • Chromatography
    Products designed to support the separation of a mixture.
  • Karl Fischer Titration
    Karl Fischer Titration
    Titration method that uses coulometry or volumetry to determine trace amounts of water in a sample.
  • Labware
    Lab equipment and supplies for science laboratories, including safety equipment, solvent labware, and well plates.
  • Octane Determination
    Octane Determination
    Iso-octane, n-heptane, toluene, or 80 octane blends used in a test engine to determine the octane rating of gasoline.
  • Reference Materials
    Reference Materials
    Controls used to validate measurements and calibrate assays.
  • Spectroscopy
    Chemicals involved in the measurement of spectra.
  • Titration
    Products that determine the concentration of an analyte through the measured addition of a standard solution of known concentration.
  • Trace Analysis
    Trace Analysis
    Products which detect and measure trace amounts of specific material in a substrate.
  • Wet Chemistry
    Wet Chemistry
    Chemicals that are used across the laboratory in multi-use situations. Chemicals in this category may be used in specialized situations but are not otherwise specialized.
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