• Auxiliaries
    Associated products for Karl Fischer titration. Includes sorbents, buffer substances, Kar Fischer labware, solubilizers, and kits.
  • KF Coulometry Reagents
    KF Coulometry Reagents
    Reagents used to determine the amount of water in an analyte by measuring the amount of electricity (in coulombs) consumed or produced during electrolysis.
  • KF Solvents
    KF Solvents
    Solvents used in Karl Fischer titration.
  • KF Volumetry Reagents
    KF Volumetry Reagents
    Reagents used in water determination techniques that involve measuring the volume of titrant needed to enact a change in the analyte.
  • Water Standards
    Water Standards
    Reference Standards for water. Water standards are used in Karl Fischer Titration.
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