Hydranal FA (free of alcohols) reagents – new solution for challenging lithium battery samples





Hydranal™ NEXTGEN Coulomat A-FA & C-FA are the first alcohol-free reagents for Karl Fischer (KF) titration that avoid side effects and provide consistent results for many challenging alcohol-sensitive samples.

Many samples, like lithium-ion battery (LiB) electrolytes or those with additives (e.g. VC, FEC, LiBOB, LiDFOB), undergo side reactions with alcohols in common KF reagents. This leads to an increase in drift, and delayed or no titration endpoint, rendering incorrect water content results. It can even make water determination impossible. New Hydranal alcohol-free reagents avoid these side effects and allow accurate water determination, even in difficult samples. Additionally, the new formulation does not contain CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) substances or halogenated hydrocarbons . 

NOTE: There is no need to develop new analysis methods when upgrading to Hydranal FA reagents. An official statement can be found here

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